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დასაწყისი » 2007 » Январь » 15 » Metallica - Cliff'Em All
Metallica - Cliff'Em All
Metalica - Cliff'Em All DVDrip //// Release By Warez.Ge!

Cliff 'em All (cover)Produced by: Curt Marvis, Jeff Richter

Directed by: Jea Pellerin, Doug Freel

Recorded at: various concerts between 1983 and 1986

Cliff 'em All was released as a tribute to Metallica's late bassist Cliff Burton. Burton was killed in a tour bus accident on September 27, 1986, near Ljungby, Sweden during a European leg of shows. The tour bus skidded off an icy road and flipped over, Burton was thrown out of the window and the bus landed on top of him. When they tried to pull the bus back on the road, the cable snapped and the bus fell back in the ditch. Whether Cliff Burton was still alive before that happened remains unknown.

The video is a retrospective on the 3Ѕ years that Cliff Burton was in Metallica, presented as a collection of bootleg footage shot by fans, some professional filming and TV shots that were never used and some of his best bass solos, personal photos and live concerts.

With this video, the band tries to show the unique personality and style he had. Whilst ostensibly the film focuses on Burton, it also has given fans a rare glimpse of Metallica's less-documented early career. This contrasts sharply with the 'Metallica business' represented in the feature film Some Kind of Monster.

Footage on this release includes:

Detroit, April 4, 1986 - "supporting Ozzy"
Shot from the left of the stage. VG with closeups.

"Creeping Death"
"Am I Evil?"
"Damage, Inc."

Long Island, April 28, 1986 - "still drunk on Ozzy tour"

Shot from ground level above heads, VG with closeups

"Master of Puppets"

The Stone, San Francisco, March 19, 1983 - "Cliff's second gig"

Shot just above ground level, VG with closeups

"(Anesthesia) Pulling Teeth"

Germany, September 14, 1985 - "Metal Hammer Fest headlining with Venom, Nazareth, beer!
Professionally shot video

"The Four Horsemen"
"Fade to Black"
"Seek & Destroy"

Denmark, July 6, 1986 - "Roskilde Festival with Phil Collins, Eric Clapton, Elvis Costello and Big Country"

Shot from ground level, with closeups

"Welcome Home (Sanitarium)"

Oakland, August 31, 1985 - "Day on the Green"
"Cliff Solo"
"For Whom the Bell Tolls"

Chicago, August 12, 1983 - "Supporting Raven on the 'Kill Em All For One' tour"

"No Remorse"
"Metal Militia"

Cliff Burton,Lou Martin [Jim martin's brother] and Dave Donato in a classic 'stoner' moment where they all smoke pot.

Runtime......: 01:30:08
Filesize.....: 613 MB


ftp://warez.ge/music/xuco/Metallica - Cliff 'Em All (DVDRip DivX).avi

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